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Client Spotlight: 3 Strand Mentoring Program

Client Spotlight: 3 Strand Mentoring Program

3 Strand Mentoring Program is a new mentorship program designed to empower women holistically. 3 Strand Mentorship will foster growth for women on personal, professional and spiritual levels. The mentors and mentees will gather in large and small groups built to foster trust and transparency through training.

3 Strand Mentoring Program envisioned a feminine logo with imagery of women and strands designed in an earth tone color palette.  The finalized logo features a silhouette of a woman. The woman has three different color hair strands.  I really like this logo because it conveys two different meanings to me. The three strands represent the group of three women coming together and the three focus areas designed to facilitate growth.

Bee Designs developed a double-sided flyer to serve the dual purpose of promoting the mentoring program and providing the dates and times for mentor and mentee informational meetings and training sessions.


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