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Solace Services


Solace Services - logo, business cards, fact card, and website design

Brand Identity, Logo Design, Website Design
Brand Identity, Fact Card, Logo Design, Social Media Design, Solace Services, Website Design
About This Project

Solace Services is a startup life coaching and motivational speaking firm based in Atlanta, Georgia. We used the color palette compiled by the client – various tones of blue, teal and coral. The client was seeking for the overall impression of her brand to be personable and provide a calming effect to correspond with the name “Solace”.


The logo was stylized with a mixture of fonts – script and serif. The logo includes Solace Services’ tagline, “Peace With Purpose”.


The client loves patterns, which were subtlety incorporated into the website to give each page it’s own personality. The website is custom designed with unique elements such as chalkboards and hasĀ a vintage, yet contemporary feel. We used a color palette that featured various shades of blue, teal, and coral. The client requested a fact card to use as a promotional piece that featured a brief bio and a listing of her service offerings.


We also designed complimentary social media images to maintain consistency with the brand.


Check out Solace Services at: