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Branding identity items designs for medical review service company, Specialty Allocations. Graphic and web design services include: business cards, brochures, website redesign, customized fillable forms, marketing collateral and more.
Specialty Allocations, Branding Identity, Website Redesign, Brochures, Business Cards, Marketing Collateral, Custom Fillable Forms
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Specialty Allocations

About This Project

Specialty Allocations is a medical review service company with a clientele makeup of insurance carriers, attorney groups, and self-funded employers. Specialty Allocations completely changed the color of their branding from beige and black to teal, black, gray, and white.

The website is more clean, organized, and eye-catching. It reflects the company’s color palette and adds a splash of orange for contrast. The website was designed to provide more information on Specialty Allocations’ service offerings and to provide helpful resources for the end-users. The website allows users to submit their referrals via the website.

The brochure complements the website and provides brief descriptions of Specialty Allocations’ service offerings. It informs readers on the report process and how to submit a referral.

The Specialty Allocations business card design played off the arches within the company’s logo. To ensure that the business cards clearly communicated what the company does, it lists all of services on the back of the cards.

Some other featured pieces designed for Specialty Allocations includes promotional flyers on specific services and customized forms.



Double Sided Business Card with Spot Varnish on Logo

Brand Identity, Branding Identity, Business, Website Design
Branding, Brochures, Business Cards, Forms, Marketing Collateral, Promotional Flyers, Website Redesign