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Website Redesign, Logo Design, Brand Identity, Tony's Touch Mobile Detailing, Orlando, Florida
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Tony’s Touch Mobile Detailing


Logo Design and Website Redesign

Brand Identity, Logo Design, Website Design
Brand Identity, Logo Design, Tony's Touch Mobile Detailing, Website Redesign
About This Project

Tony’s Touch Mobile Detailing operates in an industry that is saturated with very similar logos. After researching local and even out of state competitors, we discovered that most mobile detailing businesses feature a car image in their logo. The owner of Tony’s Touch Mobile Detailing was seeking something different from his competitors yet something that would still visually communicate his services. We enhanced the grayscale logo mockup designed by his brother to come up with the vibrant end product. We stuck to the requested color palette of a royal blue and a bright yellow. We made the bubbles come alive for the target audience to associate the logo with getting their car washed or detailed. And since Tony’s Touch Mobile Detailing has so many positive reviews from his clientele, we added the 5 stars. The client was very pleased with his logo, he has featured it on t-shirts and promotional videos.


Tony’s Touch Mobile Detailing also requested a website redesign. The original website was red, white and blue and a little on the busy side. We did a “graphical detailing” on their website to make the color scheme complement his new logo. We also made the website clean, organized and more functional. Mobile detailing clients are able to see an array of previous mobile detailing work, prepay for their services, book an appointment, and purchase a gift certificate.


Visit Tony’s Touch Mobile Detailing at: